"Hi, I'm Astro"

Your personal assistant for health & fitness

"I had granola for breakfast"

Simply talk & I will respond instantly.

I can help you lose weight, put on muscle or stay fit. I am your digital buddy that never judges.

"What's my workout today?"

Go beyond simply tracking your steps.

I constantly analyze your data from Apple Health and Fitbit to give you recommendations for workout & food that get you faster to your health goals.

There wherever you need me

I'm always available.

Whether you're using an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Apple Watch - I have you covered.

The Team

Gaurav Mathur

CEO / Co-Founder

Gaurav is a serial entrepreneur who spent a few years at Android during its early days and has some fun stories to tell from when Android only had 15k devices in existence. Subsequently he started a company 3LM focused on securing mobile devices that was purchased by Motorola/Google and then founded another startup Defend7 focused on securing data centers.

Deepak Ramachandran, PhD

CTO / Co-Founder

Deepak has been a researcher at Nuance labs focusing on natural language processing & generation. Deepak holds a PhD from UIUC. He has taught the humanoid robot ASIMO to play card games, improved the fuel efficiency of hybrid cars by learning driving profiles, and built a conversational interface for intelligent TVs highlighted by Wired and AI Magazine.

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